KYACAC President

Aimee Huffstetler

Friends and Colleagues,

What a year it has been!  We have evolved through a pandemic and are working through the other side.  You deserve a round of applause, a pat on the back, and a vacation (or staycation).  I am thankful to work with such incredible, thoughtful, innovative individuals and I am hopeful for the future.  The work, however, is not done. 

During this pandemic, educational inequities have taken center stage in many communities and as we consider working with our respective constituents it is more important than ever that we engage in meaningful ways.  As an organization this year I look forward to considering how we support students and professional school counselors as it relates to access and equity and look forward to your ideas on how to push ourselves to be an even more inclusive, equitable, and accessible organization.


As I think about what I would like to do and move forward during this year, I would like to push myself in a progressive direction as well.  Learning from the past year what we can/should incorporate, what partnerships may we be missing out on, and how are we moving in our mission not only in our affiliate but in the larger NACAC arena are going to be top of mind.  Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion have always been a passion of mine and as we strive to move ourselves forward, we cannot forget what we have learned in the past 18 months but we must persevere to ensure that with the strides we have taken we are not leaving others behind. 

This is your year friends.  Get involved, be present as much as you can, and provide the feedback that can help us to move forward.  We have so much good to come and I am honored to be serving beside Jasmine and Billy so that we can continue to clear a path to the future.  I look forward to our partnership.

Be well,

Aimee Huffstetler
Associate Director, University of Louisville
President, Kentucky Association for College Admissions Counseling

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